Finding a best pharma franchise company and list of top franchise companies for Pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic and Food & dietary supplements is a difficult work. Due to high advertisement and big promotion by pharma franchise companies, it has become difficult to choose which company will be best possible for association as franchise partner. Here we are going to provide complete detail about pharma franchise business model and list of pharma franchise companies with their contact number and website details. First have a look at pharma franchise:
What is Pharma Franchise?  
Pharma Franchise is an authorization provided by a Pharmaceutical Company to a person/s, distributor/s, company/ies or any other identity to use use its company name, brand name, services, products and carried out commercial activities on the behalf of Pharmaceutical Company. Commercial Activities may include promoting company to doctor, distribution, sale, purchase, collection etc. This authorization is generally provided at Monopoly basis. Monopoly could be for a small area as well as whole state or country.
What is PCD?
PCD is term used for Propaganda Cum Marketing.  PCD and Franchise are two almost similar term with minor differences. PCD is also defined as an Authorization provided by Pharmaceutical company as defined in Franchise Definition.
Difference between Pharma Franchise and PCD Pharma:
Here we are going to discuss difference in brief. You can check it in detail at our Article: Which one is better Pharma Franchise or PCD Pharma?
  1. In Pharma Franchise, One can Sell product at PTR/PTS Basis where as in PCD pharma, no restriction for selling products. One can sell products at ethical , generic or OTC basis.
  2. Only Pharma Sales professionals and pharma distributors can apply for Pharma Franchise whereas any one can apply for pcd pharma.
  3. Complete promotional material support is provided by company in Franchise marketing whereas for pcd marketing minimum promotional material is supplied by company.
  4.  Rates are generally higher side for franchise distributors whereas pcd distributors work at very economical rates.
Why Franchise for pharmaceutical, ayurvedic and food supplement sector?
Pharma Franchise is low investment business model. Most of sales persons desire to start own business but lack of heavy investment required to start pharmaceutical company. Franchise model provide unique opportunity of starting own business without any investment. A Pharma Franchise can be started with as low as 155$ US Dollar (Approximate 10000/- Indian Rupees). Not only less investment business model, it also provide facility of complete Pharmaceutical Company.
A pharmaceutical company provide all necessary marketing inputs like Visual Aids, Reminder Cards, Visiting Cards, Bag, Literature etc (Promotional input vary company to company). At initial stage of own pharma start-up, pharma franchise is best option. After establishing this business type, you can launch products of your own i.e. Pharma Marketing Company.
How to start franchise Marketing in Pharma, Ayurvedic and Food & Dietary Supplement sector?
List of Pharmaceutical Franchise Companies including Ayurvedic and Food Supplements Companies:
Companies may be listed below either are working as franchise basis or pcd basis. Some Companies may have stopped work at franchise/pcd basis. You should confirm first before taking further proceeding. We don't bear any responsibility of correctness of details, authenticity and reputation of any company. You have to start business relationship on your own risk.
List is in Alphabetical Order but few Sponsored Companies are at first page. Browse franchise companies by clicking at page numbers below:
Sponsored Companies:
ELZAC HERBAL INDIA (Top Ayurvedic Franchise Company)
Near Bus Stand, V.P.O. Gheer
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Vatson Remedies (Ayurvedic Franchise Company)
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